Adele & Matthew


Adele & Matthew


It's been a year since you started work on our kitchen and it occurs we have not yet given you a testimonial, despite being thrilled with our kitchen.

The easiest way to explain how delighted we are, is to see the attached photo: Matthew was making a curry dinner for eight, and I was making ganache for a birthday cake...

In our old kitchen, that just would not have been possible. It was small, cluttered, badly laid out and had several inaccessible cupboards, and it only fit one person working at a time. It gave me much such pleasure when it was removed!

Thanks to your hard work fitting everything we wanted into the kitchen at the design phase - other proposals claimed we couldn't fit a 90cm range in; see picture again to see how wrong they were! - the process of fitting and finishing it was only a frustration to us as we couldn't wait to get cooking in it.

The guys who fitted the kitchen were friendly and helpful and kept mess to a minimum... and the end product is exactly what we wanted, at a sensible price. It took a couple of weeks to get used to the new layout, but now I have to see the old photos to remember just how much I hated the previous kitchen... which immediately fills me with gratitude for what we have now.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

PS. Don't we still owe you a curry? About time you came over to enjoy the fruits of your labour!